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Official Wiko Life C210AE Stock Rom




I could not find any of the original release of this mod, but after a lot of time and reading, I finally got it together and had it printed for my e-reader (sadly, my old HTC from 2008 has ceased to exist). I received it on Saturday, and after a couple of days of use, it was obvious that the battery is much less than the default 8700mAh. When I got the official release, it didn't say anything about the battery, so I assumed it would have the original battery (which, to my surprise, it did). I've had this mod for a week and it's definitely the best touch screen mod out there. The screen is beautiful, no lag, no problems. It's a lot bigger, and it has a case, which is very good for it. Mine just died, it was my first one. The screen is not as vibrant as the stock one, I would like it to be brighter but I'm afraid it wouldn't be possible with just printing. The beeper doesn't work, for some reason, and I don't have it programmed, so I can't see if it's coming on or not. I do think I'll replace the battery with a 4000mAh one at some point, and will probably add more in it, so it will look like the one in the original Wiiko. This is the first in a series of modds based on the Wiiko, and I'm not saying that the stock one is crap, it is good, but it just didn't have enough features. Wiiko is based on the original Wiiko X, a great device, but the Wiiko series was released too late and lacked some features like the LCD and the screen which can really save battery life. I know that people do talk about having apps being the size of a phone, but this is just a subset of the whole. If the Wiiko didn't have the backlights and the screen it would be something else. It may look like this is just an e-ink screen, but it's really not. It's the best screen mod out there. It's really hard to put a price on it, but I don't think it's going to come down to the phone itself. It's a very good case for a phone, but there is no easy way to put it on a device. My rants, some are serious





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Official Wiko Life C210AE Stock Rom

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